The Power of Healing Through Touch and Connection

Touch is one of the earliest senses to develop in humans and is fundamental to our growth and development. This need for touch doesn’t fade as we grow older; it remains a crucial aspect of our well-being throughout life

A Journey into Aromatherapy and Healing

In our fast-paced world, filled with stressors and distractions, the quest for holistic wellbeing has become more prominent than ever. Amidst this pursuit, aromatherapy stands out as a gentle yet potent ally in the realm of healing.

How Our Nervous System Connects and Controls Our Body

Since the moment your body started it’s journey to the person you are today, it has been growing, functioning and healing as one. With all of our body systems responding and changing together in response to our life. With one ultimate aim: to survive.

Pain From Out of the Blue

We all recognise that the choices we make impact our lives. However there are some unavoidable actions which we all must take which in turn, can build up to a level which starts to effect the body. We have all heard of someone leaning forward to pick up a piece of paper or an item […]

Looking in the Mirror for a Healer…

The grounding principle in alternative health is that your body can overcome injury, illness and disease if it has the resources to do so. Our body naturally heals from injuries without any outside prompts and is largely successful. However accumulated stress (be it physical, emotional or chemical) coupled with lack of rest or resources causes […]

Life after a Whiplash

When your spine has been in a car accident the consequences can be catastrophic- whether you experience pain or not. It is incredibly common to be in a car accident and not feel pain at the time of impact. This is either due to adrenaline, concern for the vehicles and even the general overwhelm of […]