How does chiropractic help?

The principle of Chiropractic is that for appropriate regulation of the central nervous system (including but not limited to pain signals) all the spinal segments need to be moving appropriately. “Stuck” or “fixated” spinal segments have associated tight muscles and have an effect on the overall movement and function of the spine.

Our spaces offer effective treatment for neck pain in Bristol, and we do this through focusing on improving the movement of the spinal segments, cranium and pelvis. By reducing the spinal cord tension we can support the self to reach a state of ease, rest and repair. One  of the primary focuses of our care is to improve the movement of the spinal segments. This aids in the pain and other neurological feedback signals, improves the mobility of the spine, and reduces the tension of the muscles. It is important to note that Chiropractors do not push discs back into place or slide vertebrae into the correct position. But inputs of energy and movement with manipulation (which is always appropriate amount for that person) supports a person’s body to relax, move more effectively and support the body let go of additional tension.

Remember, the more relaxed our body is the more we can heal and repair, we can never be stressed and healing at the same time.

So, in our experience, if someone is appropriate for Chiropractic care (this is something we establish in the consultation) then our care can help and reduce the symptoms of musculoskeletal pain. And, as we know and expect, in turn improves a persons’ quality of life, experience of activities as well as reduced reliance on pain killers.

Research concludes: Spinal manipulations have proven to be effective for pain relief for acute back pain and disc protrusion.

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