How Our Nervous System Connects and Controls Our Body

Since the moment your body started it’s journey to the person you are today, it has been growing, functioning and healing as one. With all of our body systems responding and changing together in response to our life. With one ultimate aim: to survive.

Our body has an innate programmed set of “ideals” which would be considered optimum. From blood sugar levels to oxygen levels, our body constantly works to keep the balance. This ideal balance is called homeostasis.

This balance is controlled and affected by your autonomic nervous system. Which is also directly affected by our thoughts, feelings and emotions; along with our environment.


The Nervous System

Your nervous system is a network of tiny neural tissue which includes your brain, brain stem, spinal cord, spinal nerves, nerves which go into your body. It is divided into the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and somatic nervous system (SNS), one system which responds automatically and controls the body automatically such as heart rate and digestion (ANS), and the other which is under conscious control, like what we say or how we drive (SNS.)

The nervous system has layers and layers of processing, and is the most intelligent, responsive, intricate system in the body. It lives in the spine, the CNS (central nervous system) is protected inside the cranium, spine and pelvis. The axial skeleton (the spine, cranium and pelvis) also has discs and thick soft tissue bands (fascial tissue called meninges) to ensure spinal cord is protected and that fluid which circulates around the spine is able to move freely as possible.

The peripheral nervous system is what is outside of the spine. An example would be the ulnar nerve which hooks around the elbow (which has very little protection which is why it is so painful if hit!)

As organs go the nervous system is the MOST important.

It is irreplaceable, it is unique, it is ever evolving and adapting, it is remarkable. (Hopefully now you can see why we are so passionate.)


The Body is Interconnected

It is the interconnectedness of the whole body which makes it impossible for us to see the body in parts.

The health of the whole body is affected by the health of the whole body.

There is a feeling that cancer or a disease process can exist in isolation in the body.

In our very strong experience and experience. It does not.

The body is the environment to which illness, cancer or health challenge is expressed.


Example of The How The Body Is Connected

Even surgery to a knee or ankle is not ignored by the rest of the body. The skeletal system disperses the load, the circulation system removes toxins and swells in an area while it heals, the nervous system communicates the damage and responds by altering movement, guarding, and directing the other systems to respond.

Everything is connected.

It is with this in mind that I feel when someone is looking for answers to a specific problem, there is a giant rabbit hole of tests and diagnosis one may go through, but ultimately the body needs to express a higher level of health to recover. Whether that recovery includes surgery or medical intervention or not. The whole body needs the energy and the resources to cope. The whole body needs to “be healthier” (in other words have higher energy, make health choices which support homeostasis and doesn’t create too much of a stress of the system.) The body needs to have energy and balance in order to fight a disease or heal and injury. Whatever the situation.

Chiropractors approach health with the premise that the body holds the innate intelligence to heal and repair, and to perform at the highest level requires a nervous system to have no physical interference from bones, muscles of joints. It is centred on the supporting the whole person heal.

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