Looking in the Mirror for a Healer…

The grounding principle in alternative health is that your body can overcome injury, illness and disease if it has the resources to do so. Our body naturally heals from injuries without any outside prompts and is largely successful. However accumulated stress (be it physical, emotional or chemical) coupled with lack of rest or resources causes the body to reduce its ability to adapt and bounce back. This is where natural health care works: to provide the resources to support your body process the stressors. This approach is therefore in support of the body’s natural processes rather than symptom management and diagnosis, which is the role of western medicine.

Human beings have been recovering from ailments long before we had doctors who medicate and manage us through the process. And although we are grateful times have moved forward and people are living longer and surviving diseases which used to end us, we implore our clients to interest themselves in why we are suffering, and make the lifestyle changes required to support the body heal as fully as possible.

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