Pain From Out of the Blue

We all recognise that the choices we make impact our lives. However there are some unavoidable actions which we all must take which in turn, can build up to a level which starts to effect the body. We have all heard of someone leaning forward to pick up a piece of paper or an item of clothing only to find their back has “gone” leaving them in great pain and a long road ahead.


So is that that the human body cannot lean forward to pick up the lightest of things? No, it’s an accumulation or micro traumas leading to a functional break down. Whether it be sat for hours at the desk, or leaning down to pick up our children, it can even be compensation for an old injury. These small physical challenges can build up to being a big problem.

Indeed, our physical selfs can be effected by things you may not expect as well, have you ever noticed old injuries playing up after a alcohol heavy bbq? Or that back pain creeping in at times of high emotional stress? This is because our body’s and minds, our choices, are all of course one.

Understanding that every one system will effect the whole is key to embracing the holistic approach to health care.

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