Recurring Pain Treatment

When people experience pain, it can be an overwhelming and disheartening experience. Pain can range from mild to severe, and can be either acute or chronic.

Why Do I have Recurring Pain?

If you are experiencing “Recurring Pain” or “Chronic Pain” we know it can be incredibly frustrating, annoying and even depressing. 

We see recurring pain as being a person stuck in a stress response pattern. Whether it is inflammation around a disc, a lower back spasm, a tightening of the shoulder or even a pounding of the head. Whether the area of pain is related to posture, our physical response to poor sleep or higher stress, or even a body’s personal way or responding to a situation. Chronic pain, undefined pain, is a physical and neurological defensive response where the source has not yet been determined or healed. 

Sometimes recurring pain is an old injury which continues to flare up and be provoked easily. In this situation we believe that the the body needs support to have enough energy to move and function in order to prevent that reaction from occuring. 

If it is chronic, moveable pain with no known cause, then digging deeper into the level of life tension and trauma someone would be our first step. Along with our care, which supports the down regulation of the stress response and promotes rest and repair. We look at ways to support the person on the journey of healing, which for us is the only way out of such complex presentations. 


When you see us, at Ethereal Health, we spend time to understand the challenges you may face. We will complete a thorough examination to understand what your body is presenting with and what could be causing your pain. We take our job very seriously; to address underlying physical challenges and to provide you with the right support to break the loop of worsening or repetitive pain. Our mission is to provide our clients with Chiropractic care which is both effective, enjoyable and relaxing. It is important to support you to connect with what your body and mind needs to get out of pain.

How does Recurring Pain affect your daily life?

It can cause physical, mental, and emotional distress, and can be extremely difficult to manage without the right help.

People with chronic pain often find that it affects their daily life in many different ways, from making it hard to concentrate and complete tasks, to causing difficulty sleeping and feeling fatigue.

Pain can also be isolating, as it can be difficult to explain to others what they are going through. It can be a frustrating process trying to find the right help, and it can be discouraging when treatments don’t work or don’t provide the desired relief. However, it is important to remember that there are many treatments and strategies available to help manage pain, and to reach out to a health professional to discuss options.

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