Shoulder Pain Treatment

Shoulder pain is by far one of the most common complaints we see in practice. And it is so important to find what is causing the pain in order to help someone get and feel better.


Yes absolutely!

And importantly we are trained to examine the shoulder, as well as the neck and back, to assess the global function, position and decide on the best course of action. If the shoulder itself is injured our approach is to manage conservatively first but we will refer if symptoms do not change over a predetermined time-period. People with partial or full tears of the rotator cuff or biceps tendon often find Chiropractic care useful to reduce the tension felt across the neck and upper back and ensure the other shoulder is well taken care of whilst it is doing the work for two! These bigger injuries may require further interventions, depending on the patient and the severity.

Chiropractic care is incredibly successful at reducing the pain and symptoms felt in the shoulder when the issue is related to the posture, stress, spine, shoulder or rib mobility.

Adjusting and mobilising the shoulder, along with the ribs, thoracic and cervical spine are all found to reduce the pain and tension felt in the shoulder along with improving the movement and function.  We also work with our clients to address lifestyle factors which trigger the problem in the first place.

Pain from the shoulder itself

The shoulder ligaments and structures themselves can fray and start to fail, due to inappropriate and prolonged use of the joint, common in manual workers, people with poor posture, weight -lifters. I.E like trying to use nail scissors to cut wood, the structures aren’t being used for what they are designed for or what they cope with.

Or it can be appropriate use through unhealthy tissue, this can be related to weakened structures caused by poor blood flow related to smoking, diabetes, poor cardiovascular health. The shoulders are also common victims of injuries, dislocations, repetitive use, falls or partial tears. This is like using a blunt saw to cut wood, the saw is designed to do the job but is not well looked after and is not functioning as it should.

Can Shoulder pain come from the Neck?

The connection between the neck and shoulder is undeniable. The structures connection the two are:

Bone – the ribs are the primary connection between the neck and shoulder. Restricted rib movement can cause pain in the front of the shoulder, in the back of underneath the shoulder blade. The giveaway that the issue could involve the ribs is that pain in the shoulder may feel like it is made worse by taking deep breaths or twisting.

Nerves – the nerves which feed out of the neck exit and pass under the collar bone and wrap around the shoulder. Nerve issues are often felt as general pain around the shoulder, weakness in lifting the arm, pins and needles in the fingers, pain in the elbow.

Muscles– it’s important to remember muscles are controlled by the nerves and attach to bone, and so the structures cannot be separated. The trapezius muscle and the latissium dorsi are the larger muscles which attach from the spine to the shoulder and are often involved in shoulder pain and dysfunction.

Two Main Causes of Shoulder Pain

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