What to Expect

Your First Visit

Your Consultation is your chance to meet your Chiropractor and tell them what you are experiencing, what has happened so far and how you want to be and feel. Your Chiropractor will then complete a full Chiropractic assessment of your spine, including neurological, orthopaedic, postural and wellbeing tests. 

You do not need to undress at any time, just wear comfortable clothes!

You will receive your first adjustment in this appointment with aim of you leaving us feeling lighter and looser than when you came in. (We must caveat this with the fact that we can only adjust you if it is safe and appropriate to do so, in the very rare instance that it is not, we will signpost you to the help you need) 

Adjustment Visit

In your adjustment visits your Chiropractor will ensure to deliver the best and most appropriate series of adjustments that your body needs on that day, with the intention that you leave the adjustment feeling more at ease (less tense/ less pain/ more movement). Like anything which is new to your body, these visits will feel different in the primary phase of care compared to future appointments.

Primary Phase of Care

In the initial stages of care the goal is to introduce movement and help the body unwind and let go of the tension and improve symptoms. We focus on improving the function and movement of the spine to allow you to feel better as quickly as possible. The intention of the primary phase is to achieve your first goals with you, whether that is being able to walk 5 miles again or simply sleep with less pain.

Secondary Phase of Care

This phase is to support your body continue to coordinate and move efficiently, as you introduce more physical activity and to build your resources to support your wellbeing. We expect at this point you would consider returning to an activity you may have been avoiding or to start an activity you didn’t think was possible. The secondary phase is completely focused on stability and allowing your spine to settle into its movement pattern, whilst exercising if possible and getting stronger. Our focus is to teach your nervous system new strategies to prevent recurring pain patterns and live life with more clarity and ease.