Ethereal Health Wellbeing Workshops

At Ethereal Health we hold unique afternoon and one day Wellbeing Workshops designed to support our clients move forward in their healing journey.

It is often that case that clients feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and simply disconnected from their true self. Through specific guided experiences and exercises we teach our clients how build and strengthen connection between the mind and body, clear stuck energy and discover their true self. 
For many of us; too much has happened which has not been processed emotionally. The most popular go to strategy is to to ignore and soldier through. Albeit useful for survival, this strategy does not serve us when it comes to be a fully healed, whole, connected human being. How can we be full of love, creativity, high human skill if we have so much inward stress and turmoil? 
 Each emotion which is not allowed to be experienced, whether it is anger, grief, love or anger finds a place in our body and can cause a disconnect, a change in posture, a constant stress state, immobility or even high muscle tension. This is the bodies stress response. 
 We find that this “claggy” energy of old-stuck emotion often blocks people from moving forward in their care, into a new season of change and transform. People can often identify what their “old pain” or “normal pain” is, and there is most often an emotion which is associated with it, even if they are connected to it consciously.
Through Somato-respiratory Integration, focused breath exercises using movement, energy and breath we guide people through specific exercises which builds connection and allows the subconscious and the conscious mind to clear what it has been holding on to. 
We also bring in other experiences and activities, often collaborating with other experienced healer professionals.
Currently the workshops are small with very limited numbers so it is for in house clients only or by specific arrangement. For more information on our Wellbeing Workshops please email: